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An ever-growing family business

ML DevCo Inc. represents our latest subsidiary within the Magil Laurentian Realty Investments Company group of companies. Our family-owned business is diversifying to meet the demands of a constantly changing and evolving industry.

ML DevCo Inc. is focused on purpose-built multi-residential developments in Ottawa and Montreal. Historically, Magil Laurentian Realty Investments Company’s portfolios have included office, mixed-use and industrial buildings along with hotels and condominiums.

Over the years, Magil Laurentian Realty Investments Company, has held or developed real estate in Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa and Boston, USA. 

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our history

Chairman and founder Sol Polachek began his career as an engineer for Montreal based construction company, Magil Construction. Sol continued his career and rose to the role of CEO and majority shareholder.
Weloga Holdings Company (now known as Magil Laurentian Realty Investments Company) was formed to manage the Polachek family real estate investments.
Following a merger with the Laurentian Financial Group’s real estate assets, Magil Laurentian Realty Management Company was founded as the property management arm of the business.
Sol Polachek sold his position at Magil Construction to focus and grow the family real estate investment and development portfolio. Now serving as Chairman of the Board, Sol Polachek maintains an active advisory role in the business.
Strategic sale of significant legacy real estate assets.
Entering a new phase, the Magil Laurentian Realty Investments Company group of companies including our newly formed ML DevCo is led by Gary Polachek, President and CEO. In keeping with years of tradition, Gary remains committed to developing quality forward thinking projects and seeking long-lasting partnerships with private partners and institutional investors that share our investment philosophy and ideals.

The path less travelled

Since its foundation, our company has worked tirelessly to deliver strong and consistent returns by delivering fine residential communities, commercial and industrial developments, as a result of the pursuit of value-enhancing strategies and our conservative approach to the market.

Our unwavering goal is to ensure that every customer experience meets, if not, exceeds expectations, and that each customer stays with us for many years.